The team at the Australian Property Planners Association know that our service is one of the best available in Brisbane. Our clients know this as well, which is why they come to us for help with their Brisbane investment properties, to manage their SMSF property, and for the best property management Brisbane wide. So, just who is it that needs the service APPA has on offer? We can think of three people.
People With SMSF Property
If you are in the business of SMSF property, you can definitely benefit from having a meeting with the expert team at APPA. Our people understand why clients go with SMSF property, and we love to support them in this venture. We do this by offering important advice on the property investment Brisbane buyers might be interested in, to ensure they get the Brisbane investment property that is going to yield a greater return. We also offer the property management Brisbane owners love, with everything they need to make your Brisbane investment properties work for the future.
Anyone Interested In Brisbane Investment Property
If you have ever thought about getting into Brisbane investment property, the team at APPA can help to put you on the right path. It can be difficult at first to think about how to start with Brisbane investment properties, but with the right advice you may find your future really opens up. At APPA we are proud to offer the amazing support for property investment Brisbane buyers have been looking for. Our experts are ready and waiting to help you get into your Brisbane investment property, and start the journey of property investment Brisbane buyers are going to love.
Those Seeking The Best Property Management Brisbane Wide
Hand-in-hand with your Brisbane investment properties is the property management Brisbane owners need to truly succeed. This is another one of the services that we offer at APPA, so if you have an investment property and you’re looking for assistance with property management, we can help. When it comes to property investment Brisbane owners know that nothing is guaranteed, but the right property management can make all the difference in terms of long-term profitability, and reduced stress for owners.
If you’re one of the three kinds of people we’ve talked about above, or you’re just curious about how you can safeguard your future with property investment and the right property management, come and talk to the Australian Property Planners Association, for solid advice that goes the distance.

Self Managed Super Funds for Brisbane Property Investment
Investing in property can seem daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. A self managed super fund (SMSF) could be the answer many aspiring investors are looking for. With self managed super funds Brisbane residents are taking control of their superannuation and using it to secure their futures on their own terms. Using self managed super funds Brisbane investors can easily enjoy property ownership and make a sound investment that will carry them through retirement.
Why invest in Brisbane?
Brisbane is a market on the rise. The city and its population are growing fast, making it second only to Melbourne in growth rates on the Australian market. Brisbane is a desirable city for owners, investors, and renters. With many more affordable properties than the other Australian capitals, Brisbane is the perfect place to make a successful investment that is both affordable now, and secure in the long term.
When it comes to self managed super funds Brisbane is a fantastic investment opportunity. At APPA we understand this, and know the factors that help Australians to succeed when investing. With superannuation and self managed super funds Brisbane can trust that its future is secure. And with SMSF Brisbane could be available to you.
Why Choose a Self Managed Super Fund?
With self managed super funds Brisbane investors can make a smart property investment that suits their own needs and the needs of their family. With a SMSF Brisbane properties are more available to every Australian as a superannuation investment. APPA knows — and our clients agree — that a Brisbane investment property is a secure and rewarding way to invest your super. With an investment property obtained through SMSF Brisbane residents can use their superannuation to secure an investment now that will continue to deliver well into their retirement.
By choosing a SMSF Brisbane investors are choosing one of the most cost effective superannuation investment vehicles. With self managed super funds Brisbane property investment is easy, especially when you have a reputable expert company like APPA managing your property. It can come with a 0% tax rate on income during your retirement, and no capital gains tax during the pension phase. When it comes to the set up costs of your SMSF Brisbane investors can often cover costs using their super, so property investment using super won’t put you out of pocket now.
A SMSF is also a great option if you’re looking to secure Brisbane investment properties with high market value. Talk to APPA about setting up a self managed super fund with up to four members, to give you even more leverage for a self managed super funds Brisbane property investment.
The Company to Manage SMSF Brisbane Can Trust
Though it’s a fantastic opportunity to take the future into their own hands, when using self managed super funds Brisbane investors can often feel overwhelmed and underprepared when it comes to actually taking the leap into SMSF Brisbane property investment. That’s why APPA exists — to help you take the stress out of the entire process, from writing up plans to finding great properties, to making wise investments, to getting great returns. Australian Property Planners Association has experts in every field so that when investing with a SMSF Brisbane investors can be sure they’re making the best choice.
When working with APPA for their self managed super funds Brisbane residents, and those interstate, can know that their investment is secure and safe in the hands of experience property management specialists. So, if you’re thinking about making the move to property investment with a SMSF, we are here to help.